Making a ‘great customer service’ promise to customers is nothing new – it’s been printed on private hire taxi company flyers and business cards for many years – but with the advent of the internet, and more recently iPhone and Android mobile apps, the quality of the service you, and critically your drivers, offer to customers has never been more important – or public.

It started with e-Commerce websites and customers leaving feedback for the products they bought online, then, hotel guests were able to leave reviews about their stay – making and breaking the reputation of guest houses. Now customers have the ability to leave ratings for absolutely everything, including their taxi driver – which impacts you and your business. You can no longer tell customers you’re the best firm with the best drivers… customers tell you, and everyone else, what they think of your service.

There’s the old adage that a happy customer might not mention their positive experience to anyone, but an unhappy customer will tell nine people… those numbers were pre-Internet and social media has meant one-to-many communication is easy, effective and instant. And unhappy customers, these days, don’t tend to pull their punches…

Earning Your Stars

First off, we as an industry need to welcome and encourage customer feedback – we are, after all, providing a service, and if that service is in any way lacking, those shortfalls need to be addressed. By empowering your firm’s customers to provide feedback about their journey, and their driver, shows a level of transparency customers appreciate. With Autocab’s Passenger App, driver ratings come as standard – a simple, quick, star rating system which helps you measure which drivers are delivering excellence, and helps your drivers measure how a simple smile can lead to repeat business.

Helping Customers Choose

Customers have increased choice about which private hire taxi firm to use. Loyalties can and do change if anything about the service provided is less than satisfactory. Give yourself the competitive advantage and let your happy customers show others that you offer a five-star service.


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